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The Pometti family descends directly from that of the Socini – bankers, notaries and theologians whose birthplace has its first roots in the 14th century – and from that of the Ricci – a family of the rich bourgeoisie of farmers.

During the 16th century, the Catholic Church confiscated all the properties of the brothers Lelio and Fausto Socini, guilty of having embraced an anti- Trinitarian doctrine particularly unpleasant to the Pope.

Centuries had to pass before, in 1919, Livio Socini finally reacquired the part of the property in the municipality of Trequanda.

The last Socini, great-grandmother Maria, is the one who first encouraged my father Duccio in the 1970s to believe in his rural dream, so much so that in 1979 he opened one of the first farmhouses in all of Tuscany.

The Ricci family, originally from Pistoia, arrived in Buonconvento in the second half of the 19th century, when Luigi, having embraced the independence movement of the Carbonari, took refuge in the nearby Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore to escape arrest. His heir, Giuseppe Ricci, purchased property in the municipalities of Asciano and Buoconvento from the Piccolomini family in the early years of the 20th century.

Over the last fifteen years I have personally dedicated myself to the family business, laboriously reconstituted over the last century, dividing it into two separate activities. Agriturismo Pometti and Villa Boscarello are two independent but synergistic realities, each with its own identity in line with its past, which the brick walls themselves tell to those who cross the threshold of what I call “Home”.


Family tradition






The Pometti agricultural company uses energy supplied by photovoltaic panels and uses an innovative phytopurification system along the entire production chain. We believe that technological innovation is the key to the development of increasingly sustainable agricultural practices. For more than 30 years, our spirit of hospitality has been based on the values of family tradition, hospitality and the excellence of good cuisine. Moving away from typical luxury hotels, we aim to offer our guests the authentic experience of relaxing Tuscany, keeping intact the sense of beauty and goodness of tradition in our way of living.

La Val D’Orcia

Having become a UNESCO world heritage site in 2004 and the first rural area awarded this recognition, Val D’Orcia is considered the most beautiful countryside in the world. Rolling hills with rows of cypresses, castles, abbeys, farms, medieval villages and vast cereal fields dominate the landscape, alternating with pastures, centuries-old olive trees and vineyards. Throughout
the Val D’Orcia, the cultivation of vines is a thousand-year-old tradition. In fact, this is precisely the place chosen by the Etruscan people, a civilization founded on the division of land and the marketing of agricultural products, so much so that they were responsible for the introduction of the vine from the East to our territories.

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