The Farm Business

The Pometti estate stretches for over 800 hectares in the municipalities of Trequanda, Asciano and Buonconvento, in the very heart of the Val d’Orcia. The farm has recently moved over to organic farming and, with its solar panels, phyto-purification system and a wine due to be released which complies with the rules of the Vegan Society, is a staunch believer in the development of eco-sustainable farming and is keen to bring innovation to local, age-old practices, against the modern globalization trend. Departing from the typical and depersonalized luxury hotels, we offer to our guest the authentic Tuscan atmosphere and relax and make them experiencing it, by sharing our passion, the importance of the family values passed down through the generations that, despite being constantly evolving and renovating, maintain intact the sense of good and beauty in the tradition of our living.

The Pometty Family

Our family are direct descendants of the Socini family, well-known bankers, notaries and theologians since the 14th century, and the Ricci family, a wealthy middle class farming family. Over the course of the 16th century, the Church, in response to their anti-Trinitarian doctrine which at the time was quite indigestible to the Pope, confiscated the properties purchased by the brothers Lelio and Fausto Socini.

Centuries passed until, in 1919, Livio Socini proudly bought back the part of the property in the municipality of Trequanda. The last member of the Socini family was my great-grandmother, Maria, my dad Duccio’s extremely strict grandmother, who encouraged him to pursue his “rural” dreams in the Seventies and open one of the very first “agriturismi” in the whole of Tuscany in 1979!!

The Ricci family, instead, originally hailed from Pistoia and came to Buonconvento in the second half of the 1800s when Luigi, a supporter of the Carbonari independence movement, took refuge in the nearby Monte Oliveto Maggiore abbey to escape arrest.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Raffaello Ricci purchased the property in the municipalities of Asciano and Buoconvento from the noble Piccolomini family.

In the past ten years, my sister Vittoria and I have taken over the running of the estate, which was pieced back together with such effort and hard work over the past century, dividing it up into Agriturismo Pometti and Villa Boscarello, restoring the identity of each of these properties to what it was in the past.

Today, Azienda Pometti has been in my family for more than 100 consecutive years, just like in the past … an amazing achievement and a great challenge we now must rise to!! Carlotta

The Val D'Orcia

The Val D'Orcia is considered to be the most beautiful countryside in the world: in 2004 it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first rural territory to be awarded this recognition. Rolling hills with rows of cypresses, castles, abbeys, estates, medieval towns. The fields of cereals dominate the landscape, alternating with meadows, age-old olive trees and vines. Vines have been cultivated throughout the Val D'Orcia for thousands of years. The Etruscans decided to settle in this area, a people that deserves to be remembered not for its slavery and domination but for its tradition of dividing up the land and trading agricultural products, in fact it was them who brought vines from the East and introduced them into our area.

Our Strength