Discover the countryside and its traditions

How can you experience firsthand places where nature is truly authentic and kind? How can you share the peace and calm of a farm or a cultivated field with your children so they can experience it for themselves? How can we teach them respect for nature and animals? A farm holiday is a great chance for children to learn about the origin and the sense of life while for an adult it will be a unique opportunity to show their kids the kindness of nature, teaching them to love it and respect it by experiencing it the anymals and the rhythm of the countryside… and also to appreciate good food.

3 Nights Pack

You will be accommodated in one of the Agriturismo La Selva apartments and served typical lunches and dinners in one of the farm’s restaurants (served or buffet). You can venture into the woods of the surrounding hills on a pleasant horseback ride, visit the farm to see what life in the country is really like and learn about farm animals. Together we will visit a nearby dairy and learn how honey is made by skilled beekeepers. You can also learn about traditional Tuscan cooking and actually cook with our chef, Carlotta, who will show you and your children how to make bread and pizza in our wood burning ovens and will help you create tasty dishes especially for children. We can also book a visit to the open air adventure park, Saltalbero.


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