A Chef’s Dinner

The Tuscan culinary tradition becoes haute cuisine

At Agriturismo La Selva we use our own home-grown products to serve in our dishes, tending and cultivating them on a daily basis. We also serve only seasonal fruit and vegetables because we firmly believe in an organic and natural approach to the environment. This enables us to preserve not only the traditions of Tuscan cooking but also the best traditions of our local area.
As you take your place in our dining room, you will be struck by the strong and authentic rural atmosphere, which is translated into tastes and flavors thanks to the experience of our chef Carlotta, who will transform poor dishes from the Tuscan culinary tradition into haute cuisine.

On your arrival you will immediately be introduced to Chef Carlotta as you enjoy a welcome aperitif. She will introduce and guide you in this rich and tasty world and will prepare savory breakfast and lunch buffets. Thanks to her experience and love for cooking, Carlotta will illustrate three aspects that are representative of our local culinary tradition and fine dining: you will learn all about typical Tuscan products and how to cook them (a selection of the most important ones will be made for you by our chef), you will see how to prepare gourmet dinners in the local tradition and you will learn how to choose and create a delicious menu of Tuscan delicacies, from the ingredients to serving. At the end of the weekend, you will be presented with a certificate “Gourmet experience: traditional Tuscan cooking becomes haute cuisine”

min. 4 participants max. 8 – certificate


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